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Nearest 5 top hotels

Nordic Light Hotel 3.04km 1.89miles
Victory Hotel 3.45km 2.14miles
Berns Hotel 3.91km 2.43miles
Hotel Stureplan 3.95km 2.45miles

Nearest 5 top restaurants

Rolfs Kök 3.31km 2.06miles
Fredsgatan 12 3.31km 2.06miles
Leijontornet 3.44km 2.14miles
Frantzén/Lindeberg 3.53km 2.19miles
Pontus! 3.91km 2.43miles

Nearest 5 top sights

Skogskyrkogården 7.43km 4.62miles
Birka and Hovgården 26.37km 16.39miles
Engelsberg Ironworks 133.08km 82.69miles
Hanseatic Town of Visby 187.58km 116.56miles
Lux Stockholm Stockholm - Lilla Essingen
Lux Stockholm

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Signs of Excellence

Whiteguide, 2010

White Guide Best 33 Swedish Restaurants: 87 points
Swedish restaurant guide White Guide gives up to 100 points to the best restaurants. Criteria are food (max 40 points), drinks (max 20 points), service (max 25 points) and atmosphere (max 15 points).

Michelin Restaurants, 2010

Michelin: 1 Star
The tyre company Michelin publishes high quality guides for car travellers, mainly in Europe. Best restaurants get 1 to 3 stars. 1 star: a very good restaurant in its category, 2 stars: excellent cooking, worth a detour, 3 stars: exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey.

Contact Information

Primusgatan 116, Stockholm - Lilla Essingen, Sweden , 112 67

Contact Details
Telephone : (08) 619 01 90

Email :

Additional Information

Opening Hours : Open hours: Tue-Fri: 11.30 a.m.-2 p.m., 6-11 p.m., Sat: 5-11 p.m. Sun-Mon: closed


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